Customer Comments

Customer Comments


Thanks Bill, best customer service I've had in a long while!                                                                                         Madill, OK

Thank you all for your support in the development of my drug development for cardio vascular medicine in the past 2-3 years.                                                                        Indonesia

Thanks again Bill and you will be the only guy I'll be calling for parts.                                                   Saskatchewan, Canada

We received the screens today and they look great, thanks again and I’ll be ordering more soon!

Shakopee, MN 

Thank you Bill, you’re the best!                       Belle Plaine, MN


Motors arrived and installed, with no issue. Thanks for the speedy service!                                                      Reno, NV


Thanks Bill.  You’re the King!                          San Antonio TX


The one we received works well. I need to order 2 more.



Bill, I have put off ordering these materials for fear that I wouldn't find a representative that would understand what I needed. I am relieved now and feel confident that we are on the right track. Thank you for your help!

                  Westfield, IL


I always appreciate your help!  Since switching to you, screen orders have been a breeze.  This used to be a major headache since the lead time was so long from my old supplier.  Plus, screens are always a critical path item, so having you to help, just takes a huge amount of stress off my plate.                                                            Ontario, Canada


Again, thanks for the information and  assistance.  These days, it's unusual to receive such great customer service.  I really appreciate your effort,  knowledge, and patience!


Just wanted to take a minute and thank you.  You helped so much this afternoon, even traveling you still took a few minutes to answer your phone to answer my questions.  We've had this thing installed incorrectly for years.  Now with all the new parts and your expertise, it runs smooth, it's quiet, and it cleans so much better.  We appreciate your time.  Bill, I'll always call you for parts and service.  Thank you again!


Thanks Bill!  I really appreciate you coming up with a solution so quickly. I have posed the question to both Sweco® and Midwestern and they could not help.


Everything came in today we ordered, it all looks great, ...
I am also spreading the word among our sister companies with Sweco screeners that you offer the best deals on parts hands down. I really appreciate all your help!

         Houston, TX