Screens That Fit Sweco® Screeners



Great quality screens with either epoxy or welded frame finish, available with ALL mesh: 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 40”, 48”, 60” and even 72”includes gasket with each new screen.


Screen prices are very competitive and service is generally one week or less. Don’t take a chance with a tired, old, worn- out screen damaging your materials--order new ones today!


To insure screen life, sanitary conditions, and safety, the epoxy on the screens are encapsulated. This is especially important in all pharma, supplement and food applications.


There is a large selection of T430 stainless magnetic mesh for applications requiring process magnetic materials.


The welded screens use a two part stainless top ring to insure the spot weld holds the mesh in an optimum and uniform fitting position.


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Complete Screen not in Screener for a Sweco® Type vibratory separator
Screen in a Sweco® type Screener Unit
Section of a Screen for a Sweco® type Screener